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Great Leaders Grow ranked #11 on the hardcover list and #44 overall at Hudson airport stores!

By the bestselling authors of
The Secret
(over 350,000 copies sold): the legendary Ken Blanchard and Mark Miller, a top executive at one of the most successful restaurant chains in
the country. More information on
The Secret

Identifies the specific ways leaders must grow—on the job and off—to remain inspiring and effective.

Written for both established leaders looking to ensure their continued effectiveness and those who aspire to leadership or performance.

Praise for Great Leaders Grow
"Continuing to grow has been the key to my success. It can be the key to yours, too, if you read this book."

Anthony Robbins, Entrepreneur, Author and Peak Performance Strategist

"Great stories based on principles have proven to be the most effective genre for focused learning. Mark and Ken have proven to be one of the world's most successful writing teams. With Great Leaders Grow, this creative dream team has produced their best work yet! This is a book for those who seek to be more effective leaders at home, at work, and in our nation as a whole."

Andy Andrews, New York Times bestselling author of The Noticer and The Traveler's Gift

Great Leaders Grow
Becoming a Leader for Life

Written by Ken Blanchard and Mark Miller

Successful leaders don’t rest on their laurels, because leadership is not a title on a business card. Leadership is a living process—and life means growth. As Ken Blanchard and Mark Miller write in the introduction, "the path to increased influence, impact, and leadership effectiveness is paved with personal growth.… Our capacity to grow determines our capacity to lead. It’s really that simple." Great Leaders Grow shows leaders and aspiring leaders precisely which areas to focus on so they can remain effective throughout their lives.

Debbie Brewster—the protagonist from Blanchard and Miller’s international bestseller The Secret—returns in this book to mentor her mentor's son, Blake, as he begins his career. Now an accomplished leader herself, Debbie shows Blake how growing as a leader and as a human being are inextricably linked. "How well you and I serve will be determined by the decision to grow or not," she says. "Will you be a leader who is always ready to face the next challenge? Or will you be a leader who tries to apply yesterday’s solutions to today’s problems?"

As Blake confronts the challenges of business in the real world, he turns to Debbie for guidance. Step by step, Debbie and Blake explore the GROW model—four ways that leaders must challenge and stretch themselves, both on the job and off, to fulfill their highest potential.

Whether you’re a CEO or an entry-level employee, this book will inspire you to reflect on your life and design your own long-term growth plan—a plan that can lead not only to continuing professional success but to personal fulfillment as well.


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, Chief Spiritual Officer of The Ken Blanchard Companies, has had an extraordinary impact on the management of millions of people. Honored by Amazon as one of the world's 25 bestselling authors, his blockbuster books include The One Minute Manager; Leadership and the One Minute Manager; Raving Fans; Gung Ho!; and, most recently, Leading at a Higher Level and Helping People Win at Work. He lives in San Diego, CA. More details

MARK MILLER began his Chick-fil-A career working as an hourly team member and is currently vice president of training and development. In over thirty years with Chick-fil-A, Mark has served in numerous roles, providing leadership in restaurant operations, quality and customer satisfaction, and corporate communications. He is the coauthor, with Ken Blanchard, of the international bestseller The Secret. More details

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